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Investment Value: Stock quantities are based on this value
$15 = 1.5% of $1,000
$50 = 5% of $1,000
prior to : You cannot buy a stock ON the ex-div date and still get the dividend
'Data Statistics'

Log-In at Scottrade

  1. Go to Market Calendar
  2. Select 'This Week' under the number-of-events
  3. Pick a week
  4. Click the Dividends link
  5. Select all the text in the whole page (use <CTRL+A>), then COPY (use <CTRL+C>)

Come Back Here

  1. Click the ' Clear and Paste ' button (or use <CTRL+A> then <CTRL+V>) to put that text into the text-box above
  2. Enter your Investment Value. Note that the default is $1000 - which makes figuring percentages easier
  3. Enter your Ignore NET value. The default of 15 means $15 on a (default) $1000 value = 1.5%
  4. Put a line under this NET value. The default of 50 means to put a heavy line above any values less than $50 on $1000 = 5%
  5. Hide "Past-ExDate" hides any stock with an ex-div date that cannot be used. The default date shown is calculated as the LAST opportunity missed because of ex-div dates
  6. Click the Submit button