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Here you can upload pictures (even from your cellphone if you have web access).

If you want any of these pictures removed (you don't like how they make you look, or for privacy reasons, etc.), just email me and I will see what I can do to remove the ones you don't like.

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Clicking a picture (or the "no thumnail available" link) you can see the whole uncompressed picture.

The downloaded pictures will print nicely (see 'What you can expect' above) while the thumnails are way too small


To download a picture, click the picture. A new page will be shown with the full-size picture.

Once there, right-click the picture and select 'Save Image As...'.

Pick a folder on your hard-drive and save them all in the same place.

You can then copy the pictures to a CD, DVD, USB Jump-drive, etc.

Take that to a place that will print digital pictures.


Click the button above the picture (or the button above the link when there is no picture) to get some information about the picture - like its size, height, width, etc.

Click the little number (yellow number in a black box) next to the button to get all of the photo information contained within the picture.

Details will be shown if the camera included it, and if all that info made it to the web.

What you can expect

Most of the pictures on this site were created on a camera of either 5, 7 (prior to 06/2007) or 12 megapixels (after 05/2007).

7-megapixel images will print 'photo-quality' pictures up-to 7x10 inches.

12-megapixel images will print 'photo-quality' pictures of 9x14 inches.

HOWEVER, the pictures must be sharp to actually look good at those sizes.

Uploaded images may be of any dimensions or quality.


These pictures can be 'enhanced' with software.

BE VERY CAREFUL when saving any changes made on your computer.

Most software will compress the pictures.

Compressed pictures do not print very well at all.

If this happens, you can re-download the picture and start over.


Upload Pictures to this folder.

Please be aware that this page is NOT SECURE. Therefore, ANYONE on the web can upload pictures here. I cannot be responsible for other people's pictures. If you find something that should not be here, please let me know.